We wanted to share with you a list of works that are suitable for social distancing on stage.

Please contact us if you have any questions or specific programming requirements.

Vocal Solo/+1 Instrument

Andrea Clearfield

A Reminiscence Sing, soprano, piano, 7’
The Drift of Things: Winter Songs, soprano (mezzo or baritone), piano, 45’
The Rim of Love, soprano (mezzo or baritone), piano, 45’
Timecycle, soprano, clarinet, 15’ (Please inquire)
Transformed by Fire, baritone, piano, 20’
You Bring Out the Doctor in Me, tenor (or baritone), piano, 7’ (Please inquire)

Chris Cresswell

all that’s left is dirt and sky, soprano, trumpet, 12’

Jonathan David

Azrael, mezzo-soprano (or soprano), piano, 4’ (Please inquire)
Gitchee Gumee, baritone, piano, 15’ (Please inquire)
Hopkins Songs, soprano, piano, 15’ (Please inquire)
King Songs, baritone, piano, c.12’ (Please inquire)
The Persistence of Song, baritone, violin, piano, c. 20’ (Please inquire)

Drew Hemenger

Her Final Show , tenor (or baritone), piano, 3’30”
Which Way Home, soprano, piano, 18’

Susan Kander

A Garden’s Time Piece, soprano, violin, 13’

Denis Levaillant

Les Objets de Méditation, soprano, piano, 1’30” (Please inquire)

Stephen Lias

Songs of a Sourdough, baritone, piano, 20’

Osnat Netzer

Ten Songs of Yes No, bass, piano, 18’
Three Yuval Rabin Songs , soprano (or mezzo soprano), piano, 5’30”

Frank J. Oteri

Bring On the Wine, baritone, piano, c.3’
if by yes, tenor, harpsichord, c.19’
Prick’d, tenor (or baritone), piano, 2’ (Please inquire)
the nurturing river, wide-ranged vocalist, piano, c.28’
Versions of the Truth, wide-ranged vocalist, piano, c.25’

D. J. Sparr

I Can Hear Her Through the Thin Wall Singing, soprano, electric guitar, c.16’30” (Please inquire)

Dennis Tobenski

And He’ll Be Mine, tenor, piano, 18’
Good Bones, mezzo-soprano, piano, c.5’
Oh Hell No, tenor, piano, c.1’30”
Sweet Briar Songs, tenor, piano, 5’
This Glass, baritone, piano, 4’
To a Western Boy, voice, piano, 1’

Vocal Solo/Duo with Small Ensemble

H. Leslie Adams

Selections from Blake, a musical drama, 1 to 6 vocalists and piano

Andrea Clearfield

A Reminiscence Sing, soprano, clarinet (or flute), piano, 7’
A Reminiscence Sing, soprano, oboe, string quintet, 7’
Selections from MILA, Great Sorcerer, 2 to 5 vocalists with piano (Please inquire)
Love Song, soprano, flute (or oboe), piano, c,4:30”
The Rim of Love, soprano, harp, percussion, string quartet, 20’
This Arc Towards Justice, soprano, piano, alto saxophone, 12’

Gerald Cohen

Kaddish, solo voice, clarinet, piano, 5’
Sea of Reeds, solo voice, violin, cello, piano, 15’

Chris Cresswell

The Kiss, tenor, string quartet, 13’

Drew Hemenger

Which Way Home, soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, 13’

Susan Kander

Eavesdropping, soprano, violin, percussion, 15’

Denis Levaillant

Les Musiciens de Brême, narrator, saxophones(s), clarinet(s), trumpet, trombone, accordion, double bass, percussion, 45’

Lukas Ligeti

…language:PROUN:music, soprano, violin, cello, trombone, marimba, 10’
Recalless Sponse, vocalist, small ensemble, 9’

Osnat Netzer

away dream all away, flute (doubling soprano voice), viola, 4’30”
Irrefutable Tautologies, bass, flute/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon, piano, 10’
Light Night Songs, soprano, flute, oboe, horn, cello, piano, 18’30”
The Incarnation of a Shining Desert, mezzo-soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, 8’

Frank J. Oteri

As Long as Forever Is, mezzo-soprano, tenor, two alto recorders, crumhorn, viola da gamba, handbells, 17’
The Impatient Explorer, countertenor, B-flat clarinet, trombone, theremin, kalimba, banjo, 16’
The Other Side of the Window, medium voice, 2 antiphonal flutes, toy piano, guitar, cello, 25’

Mathew Rosenblum

Falling, soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano, pre-recorded audio, 25’

D. J. Sparr

Carnal Node, soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello, 11’
Vim-Hocket, Calm, soprano recorder, flute, trumpet, soprano, piano, c.7’

Harry Stafylakis

Memento Mori, soprano, violin, harp, 7’ (Please inquire)
The Metal and the Flower, tenor, accordion, piano, 6’

Dennis Tobenski

And He’ll Be Mine, tenor, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello, 18’ (Please inquire)
Only Air, soprano, glute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello, 18’
Starfish at Pescadero, soprano, viola, harp, percussion, 16’
Without a Philosophy, soprano, violin, harp, 12’

Luna Pearl Woolf

Angel Heart, a music storybook, narrator, five cellos, 25’

NewMusicShelf Vocal Publications

Vocal Anthologies, Vol. 1

Music written by living composers and curated by professional performers who have a reputation for championing new music, with an eye toward selecting works with a range of styles and difficulties that are suitable for concert and recital performance.

Soprano, Vol. 1, 20 songs for sopano and piano, curated by Laura Strickling
Mezzo-Soprano, Vol. 1, 20 songs for mezzo-soprano and piano curated by Megan Ihnen
Tenor, Vol. 1, 20 songs for tenor and piano curated by Dennis Tobenski
Baritone, Vol. 1, 20 songs for baritone and piano curated by Michael Kelly

Sparks & Wiry Cries songSLAM Songbook, Vol. 1

The Sparks & Wiry Cries NYC songSLAM is a unique competition for emerging composer/performer teams to premiere new art songs. During the competition itself, carried out in the poetry-slam tradition, audience members vote on their favorite performances. The songbook is a selection of sixteen of the most promising songs premiered since its inception.