Widening Circles

for piano solo (2018)

Performance Score

by Andrea Clearfield


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Andrea Clearfield: Widening Circles (2018)
World premiere performance by Andrea Clearfield.


5 min


April 28, 2018
Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, PA
Andrea Clearfield, piano


Commissioned by Network for New Music in honor of Linda Reichert’s tenure as artistic director



Program Notes

This piece draws its name from a Rainer Maria Rilke poem that begins, “I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world” as Linda’s visionary work with Network for New Music will continue to expand outwards through all of the musicians, listeners, students and composers whom she has touched.

The recurring theme of the work is crafted from the vowels of Linda’s name, a Renaissance technique known as sogetto cavato. The resulting simple motive
is heard in variation, with related gestures opening out in both directions.

The piece is essentially about caught stillness and resonance – what ineffable beauty and value we may leave in the world. Soft humming by the pianist of indicated pitches in the score, and quickly released piano accents caught in the pedal provide a special resonant sound, as do the long silent pauses.

The work concludes with a gentle statement of the full theme followed by a quiet return to constancy with a long held tone.

With heartfelt gratitude to Linda Reichert for all the gifts that she has given me and the music community in Philadelphia and beyond.

— Andrea Clearfield