for octet (2002)

Study Score

for flute, oboe, saxophone, bassoon, viola, double bass, marimba, piano

by Andrea Clearfield


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Andrea Clearfield: Trax (for octet) (excerpt)


6 min


January 2002
Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington, DE
The Relâche Ensemble


Written for The Relâche Ensemble


flute, oboe, saxophone, bassoon, viola, double bass, marimba, piano

Program Notes

TRAX is a short work based on rhythm, interval and motive that nods at different musical languages: jazz, funk, blues, baroque, romantic and atonal. The work began as a sax quartet, Sax Trax (1997) for the Diastema (France), Helikon (Holland) and Prism (US) sax quartets and later became a mallet quartet for the Battery 4 Percussion Group. TRAX was reconstructed for the Relâche Ensemble where the colors of the various instruments highlight the counterpoint and changing textures. The piece begins with pointillistic rhythms followed by a blues-like middle section featuring some improvisation. Sostenuto lines give way to soloistic passages over slowly evolving harmonies. A brief transition leads into a recapitulation of the opening material where, after a momentary loss of verve, the ensemble re-enters with renewed vigor and drives the piece to its close.

–Andrea Clearfield