for string quartet & optional electronics (2017)

The optional electronics subtly amplify spatial effects of the piece and are available from the composer with instructions for setup and mixing.

by Brandon J. Rolle


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7 min


Sovrimpressione was premiered by Quartetto Indaco in August 2017 as a part of the HighScore Festival in Pavia, Italy.

Program Notes

Sovrimpressione is a musical analog of the double exposure technique in photography: contrasting perspectives impossible to perceive simultaneously in nature are superimposed onto one another to create an entirely new texture. Here, a distant sonic atmosphere drones and swells around the listener, while noisy intricacies of the instrumental sounds emerge through with a raw, up-close presence. Like with visual double exposures, the middle of the piece combines these elements in ways that intensify one another, while the borders of the piece fray and combine in unique and unexpected ways against space and silence.

-Brandon J. Rolle