Smoke and Mirrors

for piano solo (2006)

Performance Score

by Todd Tarantino


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Todd Tarantino: Smoke and Mirrors (2006)
Live performance by Katherine Tagg
December 2, 2007
Rose Studio, New York


18-22 min


May 27, 2006
Goethe Institut, New York, NY
Barbara Lieurance, piano



Program Notes

The piano is my instrument and as such I was long attracted to and repelled from writing a solo piece for it. The temptation to write for my own fingers or to notate an improvisation was too great and the burden of the great works that I’ve played since childhood was too heavy. Yet, I wanted to write a work that I would enjoy playing and that was a respite from the loud, extremely dissonant works I had been writing for ensembles. Smoke and Mirrors is my nocturne.

There are no melodies in Smoke and Mirrors, no progressions; only inscrutable sound that moves, expands, contracts, lingers. The end of the piece is no different from the beginning.

Smoke and Mirrors is dedicated to pianist Barbara Lieurance.

–Todd Tarantino