for violin and cello (2018)

Performance Score

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by Texu Kim


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Perusal Score


Texu Kim: Pali-Pali!! · Texu Kim · Ju-Young Baek · Taeguk Mun


℗ 2021 Kreis Classic

Released on: 2021-03-25

Associated Performer, Music Production: Texu Kim
Associated Performer, Violin: Ju-Young Baek
Associated Performer, Cello: Taeguk Mun
Producer: Julius-Jeongwon Kim
Producer, Co- Producer, Studio Personnel, Balance Engineer: Seonghak Chang
Composer: Texu Kim


10 min


Premiered by Stephen Miahky and Norbert Lewandowski.
6/12/2018, Gesa Power House Theatre, Walla Walla, WA


Commissioned by Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival with the kind support of John Jamison and Kathy Wildermuth


violin, cello

Program Notes

Pali-pali is a common Korean expression, which is similar to ‘chop-chop’ in English but much more present, almost as a lifestyle – hard working AND efficient.  Many South Korean people seem to believe this to have played a significant role in South Korea’s rapid economic growth in the late 20th century.
The title of this piece “Pali-pali!!” came from the situation in which I actually had to compose the piece very quickly, due to the last-minute commission.  I did not just accept but ENJOYED this challenge (all thanks to this Pali-pali spirit I inherited), by making this piece about a composer dealing with deadlines!
The opening of this piece is somewhat auspicious and contemplative, as when one begins a new composition project.  Then, the music becomes anxious, depicting the moment when the composer becomes aware of the deadline approaching but tries to stay calm and focused.  The music becomes tumultuous as the composer’s inner turmoil grows more frenetic and frantic, eventually to explode!  Will the composer make it to the deadline?  We will figure it out!

–Texu Kim