L is for Laughter

for soprano, flute, cello and piano (2005)

Score and Parts

The performance set includes a full score, a piano-vocal score and two instrumental parts.

by Andrea Clearfield


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Perusal Score


5 min


December 17, 2006
Andrea Clearfield's Salon, Philadelphia, PA

Jane Foster, soprano
Cynthia Folio, flute
Jeffrey Solow, cello
Michael Sheadel, piano


Jane Foster


soprano, flute, cello, piano


Jane Foster : L is for Laughter

Program Notes

L is for Laughter is a light encore piece that plays with an acrostic text and it’s corresponding musical representation (A=A, B=B etc.). The vocal part includes declamatory, lyrical and coloratura passages. The text was written by soprano, Jane Foster, who premiered and commissioned the work. It is also arranged for soprano and piano.

–Andrea Clearfield