for modular strings (2021)

Performance Score

for solo or ensemble strings

by Kui Dong


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from 4 min 30 sec to 9 min


April 10, 2021


violin, viola, cello, double bass

Program Notes

The concept of Phrase is to bring a various of incarnations out of a single one-page score originally written for cello. This piece can be performed by a solo string instrument, or a duet and a trio of any combination, or a string quartet and up to a string orchestra. The dynamics, tempi, phrase pauses, phrase lengths, timbres and the feelings of the piece depend on the performers who interpret the score—hence instigate the element of freedom and indeterminacy.

The feelings of the piece don’t need to be unified within an ensemble particularly. The only expectation is that the piece should be performed between minimal 4:30 to maximal 9 minutes, based on the size of the ensemble.

— Kui Dong