for string orchestra (2021)

Score and Parts

by Texu Kim



Perusal Score



4 min


11/13/2021, Portland Youth Philharmonic with David Hattner (cond), Portland, OR


Portland Youth Philharmonic


string orchestra

Program Notes

Jump!! portrays the sheer joy of playing outside (which we have not been able to enjoy fully for the past 14 months!!).  The beginning of the piece sounds like someone saying “one, two, three, … and jump!”  The piece develops in unpredictable ways, providing some fun for the audience with pizzicati (plucked strings) and multiple-stop chords that add bounce and extra kick to the music.  Jump!! also interweaves intricate triplet-based rhythmic patterns that are common in the folk music of the composer’s native country, Korea.  Additionally, hidden in the piece are several variations of a phrase from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, giving another layer of pleasure (like a scavenger hunt) to the audience.  Enjoy!!