Graffiti: Concerto for Chamber Orchestra

for chamber orchestra (2018)

Study Score

I. spray
II. eye-opener
III. bubble letters
IV. slow jam
V. shake
VI. again and again

by Michael Gilbertson


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20 min


Commissioned by the BMI Foundation and the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra.



Program Notes

“Living in the Bay Area for the first time this past year, I’m often captivated by the vibrancy of the city’s streets and, in particular, the graffiti and street art scene. As I approached composing a concerto for chamber orchestra, I purchased a book of photographed graffiti from around the Bay Area, and decided to it’s images and ideas as a basis for movements of the concerto. In reading statements from graffiti artists, I was struck by the creative drive behind their works—a deep desire for their visions to be seen and known, and an embrace of the transgressive nature of their art. These artists’ drive, and their varied, visually dynamic works, inspired this concerto.” – MG (2018)