Golden State of Mind

for orchestra (2017)

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by Ron Ramin


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c.16 min


The world premiere of the first movement "Yosemite" (formerly titled Greetings!) was performed on September 13, 2014 in San Rafael, CA by The Marin Symphony, conducted by Alasdair Neale.


full orchestra

Program Notes

Listen to the full work.

Golden State of Mind opens with “Yosemite,” a revised version of the orchestral fanfare previously named “Greetings!” It reflects the grandeur and majesty of its ancient sequoias, waterfalls and vistas. “Yosemite” begins with a brass fanfare and continues in a spirited and rousing fashion throughout the movement. The second movement, “San Andreas,” is the flip side: nature unhinged. The repeated cycle of natural disaster is part and parcel of the California experience: earthquakes or, perhaps, drought followed by scorching fires, torrential rains, mudslides, and—inevitably—a return to drought. The movement opens with a dark and forbidding tone but soon leaps into a powerful and diabolical middle section. “San Andreas” closes with a return to the quietly menacing atmosphere at the beginning of the movement. The concluding movement, “Olvera Street,” pays tribute to the historic monument in the oldest part of Los Angeles by saluting the Mexican culture in California. While the Golden State has been a major gateway for immigrants from all over the world, Hispanics now constitute the single largest ethnic group in the state. “Olvera Street” is a joyous musical celebration featuring exuberant Latin percussion.

–Ron Ramin