für Klarenz

for piano & electronics (2016)

Solo Part

für Klarenz is to be performed with acoustic piano with the lid in full raised position, and speakers for the electronics. The electronics are fixed media, there is no live signal processing. There are 2, 4, and 6-channel versions of the electronics available from the composer, which are to be started on the attack of the first note in the piano part. The pianist may use the timer of their choosing to keep track of time. A stereo version of the electronics with a running clock display is available from the composer for pianists who want to perform from a tablet at the piano with the electronics connected directly to the audio output of their tablet.

Contact info@blackteamusic.com for the electronic files.

by Brandon J. Rolle


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7 min


Für Klarenz was premiered by Marc Evanstein and Brandon J. Rolle in July 2016 as a part of the Bar70w Festival of algorithmic music in Cologne, Germany.


piano, electronics

Program Notes

für Klarenz was composed for the 2016 Bar70w Festival in Cologne, Germany, celebrating the work of algorithmic music pioneer Clarence Barlow. The piece uses various techniques inspired by Barlow to transform the sounds of his name into musical materials and parameters. Gradually moving from articulating the most prominent lines to realizing more subtle spectral details, the piano blends increasingly with the electronics—which themselves fall more and more subject to the microtonal inflections inherent in the human voice. The end result is a wild, exaggerated stretching and manipulation of the sonic materials embedded in a name, magnifying the beauty and chaos hidden within speech to create a sound world that seems entirely new and yet eerily familiar.

-Brandon J. Rolle