Double Play

for percussion and piano (1999)

Score and Parts

by Andrea Clearfield


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Perusal Score


11 min


November, 1999
Merkin Hall, New York, NY
The Hoffmann/Goldstein Duo


percussion, piano

Program Notes

Double Play was commissioned by Paul Hoffmann and Tom Goldstein for their Hoffmann/Goldstein Duo and was premiered at Merkin Hall, NY. This piece is a play on dualities, exploring various ways in which two players and two contrasting musical ideas can interact. The piano and percussion each have sections respectively where they are leading the musical momentum, later engaging in a more equal partnership with sections of unison rhythms and dialogue. A falling motive and a rising melodic line, heard in the opening measures of the piano, are transformed and combined throughout the piece, each coming to the foreground at a different time. The seed for the harmonic and melodic materials of the piece is a simple harmonized melody, which is heard only in fragments until it is stated quietly in the piano before the rhythmic coda.

–Andrea Clearfield