for male voice and SATB choir (2012)

Choral Score

by Texu Kim


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Texu Kim: Chopsalteok


4 min


February 17, 2013
Auer Hall, Bloomington, IN
Indiana University Symphonic Choir
Jaeeun Kim, conductor


solo male voice, SATB choir

Program Notes

n winter nights of my early teenage years, there used to be a specific type of vendor (찹쌀떡 in Korean) wandering around the town selling mostly Chopsalteok and Memilmuk (메밀묵). Chopsalteok is sweet, gooey, and fluffy ball-shaped rice cake made of glutinous rice and stuffed with red bean (or Azuki bean) paste. Memilmuk is jelly made from buckwheat starch, usually served with soy sauce. In Korean Folklore, both Memilmuk and red bean are supposedly able to protect people from Dokebi (도깨비), Korean goblins.

This four-minute piece, Chopsalteok [Tʃapsaltɔk], is about of one of those windy nights, when I heard in the distance the song of a Tʃapsaltɔk vendor. The song consists only of a simple melody with the two words “Chopsalteok” and “Memilmuk” repeated, and is quoted as the primary material in my work. Hearing the song, one might feel hungry and want to buy those snacks. This piece also depicts one’s increasing appetite and expectation as the vendor approaches, as well as the prospect of enjoying the snack eventually.

찹쌀떡 is written for and premiered by Indiana University Symphonic Choir at the request of Jaeeun Kim.

–Texu Kim