for voice and piano (2020)

Piano/Vocal Score

by Drew Hemenger


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Breathe by Adrienne Danrich and Drew Hemenger
Nicole Heaston - Soprano
Kevin Miller - Piano
Houston Grand Opera's Giving Voice


4 min


September 12, 2020
The Cell, New York, NY
Adrienne Danrich, soprano
Brent Funderburk, piano


voice, piano


Program Notes

“Breathe” is a collaboration between composer Drew Hemenger and soprano Adrienne Danrich.  The powerful text, which includes a short spoken section, is their musical response to the ongoing tragedy of Black lives being lost through violence and ignorance.   The composers are interested in this song being performed by anyone who wishes – please contact the composers or Trudy Chan of Black Tea Music at if you require a different transposition.

dedicated to All Black Lives and People of Color we have lost due to systemic racism, hatred and fear

–Drew Hemenger