Blow, Fly, Pop!!

for full orchestra (2016)

Study Score

by Texu Kim


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Perusal Score



8 min


World Premiered by Korean Symphony Orchestra with Hun-Joung Lim (cond), 2/10/2018, Seoul Arts Center IBK Hall, Seoul, S. Korea.
US Premiere by the Oakland Symphony with Michael Morgan (cond), 11/15/2019, Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA.


Commissioned by Korean Symphony Orchestra with Hun-Joung Lim (cond).



Program Notes

Many of my works, inspired by children’s games, translate corresponding scenes into music. For example, two of my works – Splash!! and Bounce!! – are based, respectively, on water balloon fights and basketball games. No exception to this thematic tendency of mine, Blow, Fly, Pop!! is inspired by bubble blowing. It begins with some performers blowing water (on stage), after which mysterious scalar fragments emerge, reminding the audience, I hope, of fizzing bubbles. The music becomes more vivacious, painting a picture of myriad bubbles flying, reflecting the brilliant sunshine in various colors. These kaleidoscopic streams of sounds are occasionally interrupted by brisk pops utilizing diverse combinations of sounds, including bursting balloons on stage. The audience encounters various surprise turns, highlighting the playfulness of the music.  – Texu Kim