for flute, harp and string trio (2008)

Score and Parts

by Andrea Clearfield


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Andrea Clearfield: Rhapsodie, for flute, harp and string trio
Dolce Suono Ensemble
Mimi Stillman, Artistic Director


17 min


May 7, 2009
Dolce Suono Ensemble
Mimi Stillman, Artistic Director
First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA


Commissioned by William A. Loeb for Mimi Stillman and the Dolce Suono Ensemble


flute, harp, violin, viola, cello

Program Notes

Rhapsodie was commissioned by Wally Loeb for Mimi Stillman and Dolce Suono Ensemble, Mimi Stillman, Artistic Director. Ms. Stillman had suggested that the piece have a relationship to French music. Since I favored composers Debussy, Fauré and Ravel in my early years as a pianist, I was delighted to work with this parameter for the piece. The work was initially inspired by the melodic ornamentation in Debussy’s music, evocative harmonies of Ravel and the mingling colors and free atmosphere of Monet’s waterlily series and late works. Portions of the music are informed by my synesthesia (seeing colors to musical pitches and hearing musical notes to colors). When looking at the Monet paintings, certain harmonies and collections of pitches presented themselves.The piece is a ‘rhapsody’ in its true sense: organic in form with numerous musical materials woven together, rapidly shifting, often suggesting an improvisation. It departs from the traditional rhapsody in that the main theme, heard first in the flute (a 4-note motive followed by a rapidly ascending gesture), becomes the basis for variation throughout the piece. I am grateful to Yaddo, Ucross and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, who provided ideal sanctuaries for creative work; to Mimi Stillman for her artistic vision and consummate musicianship and to Wally Loeb for his generosity and support.

–Andrea Clearfield