A Song for Dessa (with apologies to Aaron and Charles)

for chamber orchestra (2010)

by Todd Tarantino


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5 min


chamber orchestra

Program Notes

Like many new parents, I developed an entire repertoire of songs to accompany every aspect of my newborn’s life, from going to sleep to eating to changing diapers. Favorites included: ‘Here I Am, Baby Dessa,’ ‘Are You A Nommer?’, ‘Nice and Clean’ and ‘Gorilla, Gorilla, Gorilla’. Over the course of my daughter’s first year, these tunes became more and more pervasive in my musical life. They appeared as dictations in an Ear Training class I was teaching; I used them as examples for harmonization in a theory class. While living in Delhi in the fall of 2010, I thought it would be a good idea to finally enter these songs into the computer for documentation sake. What began as a quick little task, notating a short melody, eventually became more complicated as it developed into a movement for string quartet and then expanded to become a work for chamber orchestra, a piece that itself begins simply before eventually growing to take on a life of its own.