Terms & Conditions

Scores at Black Tea Music are engraved and published by their composers and.  We encourage composers whose scores we distribute to engrave their scores as clearly and to as high a degree of quality as possible.

Likewise, pricing for each score is set by its composer, and Black Tea Music honors each composer’s pricing decisions.

By purchasing a digital score and/or set of parts through Black Tea Music, you are authorized to make sufficient copies to prepare and perform that work. The license extends to you and your ensemble only. Any additional copying or printing is prohibited without the permission of the publisher of the work, or purchasing licenses to make additional copies.


Black Tea Music uses existing payment gateways like Paypal to provide secure payment processing for your orders. As such, you will be governed by the agreements of the payment gateways you use. Black Tea Music does not store your credit card information and does not have access to it.

For the security of the musical materials, your scores and/or parts will be discreetly watermarked with your name, email, and the date of your purchase upon completion of your order.


Black Tea Music is committed to your privacy. We only collect information from you to process orders and enhance your experience on the site. We do not store any credit card information, which is handled by our trusted payment processor PayPal.

We may occasionally send out email promotions and newsletters to our customers about relevant works. You can opt-in and opt-out at any time.

We don’t share your personal information with anyone.

If you would like to share your concert information, Black Tea Music will be happy to help promote the event on social media if we are able.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital goods, returns and refunds are problematic at best. Consequently, we encourage our customers to check their shopping cart for the proper scores before confirming their orders. Black Tea Music cannot issue refunds or exchanges for scores that were purchased in error.

Should our software deliver the incorrect file, we will work to correct the situation and deliver the proper file. In this event, please email info@blackteamusic.com with your transaction number, the name of the score you intended to purchase, and the name of the score that was sent to you in error.

Copying License Agreement

By purchasing scores and/or parts through Black Tea Music, you indicate your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, and to the licensing agreement below.

The composer retains the copyright and full ownership of the work. By purchasing scores and/or parts through Black Tea Music, you have purchased a license to make the number of copies of the score/parts specified at checkout. This license is specific to you and does not authorize you to transfer the license to anyone else. You may not make additional copies, forward the files via email, sub-license, assign, transfer, or sell the music to anyone else. By purchasing a score and agreeing to the Terms of Service and this License Agreement, your performing ensemble is entitled to perform the music at concerts and other events. Performances should also be licensed through the composer’s Performing Arts Organization. All other rights must be negotiated directly with the copyright holder.

Read the complete Copying License Agreement.

For other licensing agreement questions, please start here.