License Compositions from Black Tea Music

Rent Largescale Compositions

Many of our works are available for rent. Fill out this form to obtain a quote for your rental.

Do you need a Grand Rights license for a stage production, opera, or dance?

To use one of our works in a stage production (theatrical play or musical), opera, or dance production, you must obtain a grand rights license.

To rent the music, start here.

For just the Grand Rights licensing, start here.

Performing Rights

Performing Rights licenses are required for performances of copyrighted music (in addition to the rental of material when applicable).

Contact the composer’s specific Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to report all performances.

Want to use a composition in a film, video, or new media?

If you want to use a composition with a film, video, TV show, commercial, stream on a website (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, TikTok), in a promotional video, DVD, or any other visual format, you must get a synchronization license. Email us to get started. 

Do you need permission to include one of our works in a dissertation or thesis?

If you wish to include one of our works in an academic dissertation or thesis for an advanced degree, email us to obtain permission.

Do you want to include all, or part of, a composition in a print publication or as part of a presentation?

If you want to include all, or part of, a composition in a book, textbook, journal article, blog, church or other religious bulletin, concert program, academic coursepack or curriculum summary or any other printed format, want to use all, or part of, a composition at a public or private presentation, PowerPoint, slide deck, or another presentation medium, or wish to include a photo of one of our composers or a cover of a publication in the same, you must obtain a print license here. Email us to begin. 

Recording or Audio Streaming Mechanical License

To record a copyrighted composition in CD, digital, or vinyl format, or stream your recording on a website, you must obtain a Mechanical License.

  • For distribution in the United States, get a Mechanical License from The Harry Fox Agency.
  • For distribution in Canada, get a Mechanical Licensing from CMRRA.

For any other licenisng questions, please contact Black Tea Music