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NameTitle of WorkInstrumentationAdditional ForcesDurationYearLinkPurchase
Cresswell, Chrisin a space that separateswind ensembleelectronics7'30"2018Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisNocturne No.1 for windswind ensemble4'2011Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisToward Nightfallwind ensemble12'2011Learn more
David, JonathanEn Seumeillantwind ensemble14'30"2014, rev. 2017Learn more
Gilbertson, MichaelUsonian Dwellingwind ensemble2018Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelVigilwind ensemble10'2012Please inquire
Hemenger, DrewManhattan Flourishsymphonic band4'2000Learn more
Levaillant, DenisPachamama Symphonywind ensemblec.24'2014Please inquire
Lias , StephenBetween the Tundra and the Skyfor band (Grade 2-3)SAB choir, piano, and narrator4'2017Learn more
Lias , StephenEbulliencewind ensemble5'2003, arr. 2014Learn morePurchase
Lias , StephenKennicottwind ensemble13'2013Learn more
Lias , StephenPursuedwind ensemble6'2008, arr. 2014Learn morePurchase
Lias , StephenTarantellawind ensemble6'2007Learn morePurchase
Sparr, D. J.Cloud of Witnesseswind ensemblec.102014Learn more
Sparr, D. J.ELLA QUE LLORAwind ensemblesoprano15'2019Please inquire
Sparr, D. J.Precious Metalwind ensembleflute20'2010Learn more
Sussman, RichardCatalystjazz big band4'30"2018Please inquire
Sussman, RichardIvories Tower (Tribute to Hank Jones)jazz big band(or jazz orchestra)11'2009, rev. 2010Please inquire
Sussman, RichardOne for Thadjazz big band1995Please inquire
Sussman, Richard (arr.)Avalon (org. Jolson/Rose/De Sylva)jazz big band1981Please inquire
Sussman, Richard (arr.)Strode Rode (org. Sonny Rollins)jazz big band2007Please inquire
Udow, MichaelApparitionwind ensembletimpani13'2015Learn more
Udow, MichaelMoon Shadowswind ensemblepercussion28'2010Learn more
Udow, MichaelStepping Stoneswind ensemble8'2015Learn more
Porra, LauriNear & Distantsymphonic band8'2016Please inquire
Sussman, Richard (arr.)Avalon (org. Jolson/Rose/De Sylva)jazz big band5'1981Please inquire
Sussman, Richard (arr.)Strode Rode (org. Sonny Rollins)jazz big band5'2007Please inquire
Chase, RyanThe universe is full of doorswind ensembleelectronics65'2019Learn more
Udow, MichaelBayou Reflectionswind ensemble12'2014Learn more
Udow, MichaelFlashbackwind ensemble15'2015Learn more
Udow, MichaelHoodoo Imageswind ensemble9'2016Learn more
Udow, MichaelRemembrancewind ensemblepercussion12'2014Learn more
Udow, MichaelThe Shattered Mirror Suitewind ensemble17'2014Learn more
Udow, MichaelAbyss of Timewind ensemblefilm22'/25'2015Learn more
Udow, MichaelEchoes of the Pastwind ensemblefilm18'Please inquire
Stafylakis, HarrySource Codebig band11'2019Please inquire
Stafylakis, HarryCode Switchbig band8'2016Please inquire
Primiani, LeannaGlass Ceilingsymphonic band14'2014Learn morePurchase