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NameTitle of WorkTextInstrumentationDurationYearLinkPurchase
Beck, Jeremy HowardMamieLearn more
Clearfield, AndreaA Reminiscence SingWalt Whitmansoprano (tenor or baritone), oboe, string quintet7'2009Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaA Reminiscence SingWalt Whitmansoprano (tenor or baritone), clarinet, piano7'2009Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaA Reminiscence SingWalt Whitmansoprano (tenor or baritone), flute, piano7'2009Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaA Reminiscence SingWalt Whitmansoprano, piano7'2009Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaLove SongPatrick Kellysoprano, oboe, pianoc.4'30"1996Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaLove SongPatrick Kellysoprano, flute, pianoc.4'30"1996Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaThe Drift of Things: Winter SongsFrost, Kancewick, Wagoner, Keats, Shakespeare, Hoelderlin and Rilkesoprano (mezzo or baritone) and piano45'2012Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaThe Rim of LoveManfred Fischbecksoprano, harp, percussion (2 players), strings20'2005Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaThe Rim of LoveManfred Fischbecksoprano, piano20'2005Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaThis Arc Towards JusticeAngelique Nixonsoprano, alto saxophone, piano12'2013Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaTimecycleManfred Fischbecksoprano, clarinet15'2000Please inquire
Clearfield, AndreaTransformed by FireAriana Kramerbaritone, piano20'2017Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaYou Bring Out the Doctor in Me (baritone)Rafael Campobaritone, piano7'2013Please inquirePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaYou Bring Out the Doctor in Me (high tenor)Rafael Campohigh tenor, piano7'2013Please inquirePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaYou Bring Out the Doctor in Me (tenor)Rafael Campotenor, piano7'2013Please inquirePurchase
Cresswell, Chrisall that's left is dirt and skyChris Cresswellamplified trumpet, amplified soprano, pre-recorded electronics15'2019Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisThe KissStephen Dunntenor, string quartet13'2011Learn more
David, JonathanAzrael in CSylvia Townsend Warnermezzo-soprano, piano4'2010Learn morePurchase
David, JonathanAzrael in BbSylvia Townsend Warnermezzo-soprano, piano4'2010Learn morePurchase
David, JonathanGitchee GumeeDaniel Neerbaritone, piano15'2013Learn morePurchase
David, JonathanHopkins SongsGerard Manley Hopkinssoprano, piano15'2003, 2004, 2009Learn more
David, JonathanThree King SongsSylvia Townsend Warner, Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Ernest Henleybaritone, pianoc.12'2013/2019Learn more
David, JonathanThe Persistence of SongMuriel Rukeyser, Thomas Merton, Bonnie Phelpsbaritone, violin, pianoca.20'2006Learn morePurchase
Gilbertson, MichaelWho Remember DayPlease inquire
Hemenger, DrewHer Final ShowRafael Campotenor (or baritone), piano3'30"2012Learn morePurchase
Hemenger, DrewThe Weary Blues: Songs Based on the Poetry of Langston HughesLangston Hughessoprano and piano2011/2013Learn more
Hemenger, Drew“The Negro Speaks of Rivers” from The Weary BluesLangston Hughessoprano, pianoc.3'30"2011Learn morePurchase
Hemenger, Drew“Genius Child” from The Weary BluesLangston Hughessoprano, piano2'30"2011Learn morePurchase
Hemenger, DrewBreatheDrew Hemenger, Adrienne Danrichvoice, piano4'2020Learn morePurchase
Hemenger, DrewWhich Way HomeAnne Sextonsoprano, piano or chamber ensemble18'2003Learn more
Levaillant, DenisLes Objets de Méditationadapted by the composer from text by Henri Michauxsoprano, piano1'30"2013Please inquire
Lias, StephenSongs of a SourdoughRobert Servicetenor, piano20'2007Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenSongs of a SourdoughRobert Servicebaritone, piano20'2007Learn morePurchase
Ligeti, Lukaslanguage:PROUN:musicText by Lajos Kassák, trans. Lukas Ligetisoprano, violin, cello, trombone, marimba10'2016Please inquire
Oteri, Frank J.As Long as Forever IsDylan Thomasmezzo-soprano, tenor, two alto recorders, crumhorn, viola da gamba, handbells17'2003Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Bring On the WineBai Juyibaritone, pianoc.3'2017Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.if by yesE.E. Cummingstenor, harpsichordc.19'1994Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Prick'dWilliam Shakespearetenor (or baritone), piano2'2016Please inquire
Oteri, Frank J.The Impatient ExplorerKenneth Patchencountertenor, B-flat clarinet, trombone, theremin, kalimba, banjo16'1997Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.the nurturing riverjames r. murphywide-ranged vocalist, pianoc.28'1981-82Learn morePurchase
Oteri, Frank J.The Other Side of the WindowMargaret Atwoodmedium voice, two antiphonal flutes, toy piano, guitar, cello25'1995Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Versions of the TruthStephen Cranec.25'2013Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Walking NakedWilliam Butler Yeatsbaritone, alto recorder, mandola, cello octet, double bass15'1996Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewFallingBased on a James Dickey poemsoprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano, and pre-recorded audio25'2013Learn more
Tobenski, DennisAnd He'll Be MineRobert Burnstenor, piano18'2005Learn more
Tobenski, Dennisat least a momentKenneth Kochhigh voice and harp (or piano)15'2009Learn more
Tobenski, DennisechoesMark Statmanhigh voice and piano15'2008Learn more
Tobenski, DennisGood BonesMaggie Smithmezzo-soprano, pianoc.5'2017Learn morePurchase
Tobenski, DennisOh Hell NoMaggie Smithtenor, pianoc.1'2017Learn more
Tobenski, DennisOnly AirKathryn Levysoprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello18'2014Learn morePurchase
Tobenski, DennisHangoverBilly Collinstenor, pianoc.3'2022Please inquirePurchase
Tobenski, DennisStarfish at PescadaroIdris Andersonsoprano, viola, percussion, harp16'2007Learn morePurchase
Tobenski, DennisSweet Briar SongsPatricia Valdatatenor, piano5'2007Learn more
Tobenski, DennisThis GlassRichard Barnfieldbaritone, piano4'2016Learn more
Tobenski, DennisTo a Western BoyWalt Whitmanvoice and piano1'2009Learn more
Tobenski, DennisWithout a PhilosophyElizabeth Seydel Morgansoprano, violin, harp12'2013Learn more
Woolf, Luna PearlOne to One to OneA setting of “The Finger” by Robert CreeleySop I, Sop II, Mezzo-soo, 3 cellos, 3 basses18'2016Learn morePurchase score
Netzer, OsnatEs Redn Haynt Ale Shtume Zakhn (All mute things speak today)Anna Margolinvoice, pianoc.4'2022Please inquirePurchase
Netzer, Osnataway dream all awaySamuel Beckettflute (doubling soprano voice), viola4'30"2015Learn more
Netzer, OsnatFaraway ChildDennis Leebass, pianoPlease inquire
Netzer, Osnatfront-blackbirdPlease inquire
Netzer, OsnatThe Incarnation of a Shining DesertRivka Basman Ben-Haimmezzo soprano, clarinet (bass clarinet), piano8'2019Learn more
Netzer, OsnatIrrefutable TautologiesWilliam Shakespeare, adapted by the composerbass, flute/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon, piano10'2014Learn more
Netzer, OsnatLight Night SongsYuval Rabinsoprano, flute, oboe, horn, cello, piano18'30"2006Learn more
Netzer, Osnatmy way is in the sand flowingSamuel Beckett2 sopranos, tenor4'2010Learn more
Netzer, OsnatPhilomelosmezzo soprano, violin, fram drum, sand, fixed electronicsc.18'2019Please inquire
Netzer, OsnatTen Songs of Yes NoDennis Leebass, piano18'2012Learn more
Netzer, OsnatThe Hospice of My HeartDennis Leebass, pianoPlease inquire
Netzer, OsnatThree Yuval Rabin SongsYuval Rabinsoprano or mezzo soprano, piano5'30"2002Learn more Purchase
Netzer, OsnatTwo Love MadrigalsOsnat NetzerSATB vocal quartet6'2002Learn more
Calianno, VincentSororatorioRebecca Martinson (English)Pierrot Quintet and Soprano20'2015Learn more
Calianno, VincentMagnificatwomen’s choir and ensemble15'2003Learn more
Stafylakis, Haralabos [Harry]Into OblivionD.H. Lawrence (1885-1930), The Ship of Death.bass-baritone, piano40'2019Learn morePurchase
Stafylakis, Haralabos [Harry]The Keats CycleJohn Keats (1795-1821)baritone or bass-baritone, piano19'2017Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaWomen of ValorRivka Miriam, Leah Roza Yakubovitsh, Rachel Marge Piercysoprano and piano15'2000Learn morePurchase
Lias, StevenFrom the Diaries of Adam and EveMark Twainsoprano, baritone, piano30'1995Slow learningPurchase
Kander, SusanA Garden’s Time PieceLeslie Laskeysoprano, violin13’2011Learn morePurchase
Woolf, Luna PearlHow Bright the DarknessEleanor WilnerBaritone, Treble Choir, Harp, Percussion, String Orchestra6'2014Please inquirePurchase score
Woolf, Luna PearlOrpheus on Sappho’s ShoreLuna Pearl Woolf, Eleanor WilnerSoprano, Tenor, Chamber Orchestra45'2003Please inquirePurchase score
Clearfield, AndreaThree Tenses of LightRhina Espaillatvocal quartet, string quartet or pianoc.8'30"2012PLEASE INQUIRE
Clearfield, AndreaThree Arias from Women of Valor (Leah/Rachel/Ruth)Rivka Miriam (trans. Linda Zisquit), Roza yakubovitsh (trans. Kathryn Hellerstein), Marge Piercysoprano, piano15'2000Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaJocheved from Women of ValorSandy Shaninsoprano, mezzo, piano5'2000Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaBe It My LossRobert Frostmezzo, piano3'2012Please inquire
Tarantino, ToddThen I Awoke Again (chamber version)"The Wanderer" (anonymous 11th century poem)soprano, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, double bass14'2009-2019Learn morePurchase
Tarantino, ToddBertrandon de la Broquiere (part of the "Cancionero Anonimo")from narrative of Bertrandon de la Broquiere (1433)tenor, flute, oboe (or soprano saxophone), violin, cello, trombone7'2005Learn more
Tarantino, ToddSchasek (part of the "Cancionero Anonimo")from narrative of Vaclav Schasek (15th Century)male voice, flute, clarinet, trombone, piano1'2000/2005Learn more
Tarantino, ToddTetzel (part of the "Cancionero Anonimo"from narrative of Gabriel Tetzel (15th Century)tenor, flute, oboe (or soprano saxophone), clarinet, viola, cello, piano5'1999-2000Learn more
Tarantino, ToddAfter Long Busyness (part of "Evening Prayer")Robery Bly2'1995/1998Learn more
Tarantino, ToddGettysburg Hospitalexcerpts from a letter by Cornelia Hancock (1863)soprano, string quartet, 2 percussion15'1994Learn more
Tarantino, ToddCantiga de Amigo (part of the "Cancionero Anonimo"Anonymous (Spanish)female voice, piano3'1998/2002)Please inquire
Tarantino, ToddStretch Forth Your Handvoice, piano5'30"2021Please inquirePurchase
Tarantino, ToddSince You Are Children of Godvoice, piano5'30"2020Please inquirePurchase
Tarantino, ToddSelections from "Cancionero Anonimo"Anonymoushigh voice, pianoc.5'1996-2022Please inquirePurchase
Tarantino, ToddCap Malheureuxsoprano, Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, 2 Violin, Viola, 'Cello, Contrabass10'2012Learn morePurchase
Tarantino, ToddWestern WindAnonymoushigh voice, piano3'1997Learn morePurchase
Tarantino, ToddThree Schultz RealizationsThe Biblevoice, piano10'1997Please inquire
Tarantino, ToddFour Lincoln SongsRobert Lowell, Capt. James Tanner, John Wilkes Booth, Galway Kinellmedium voice, piano (or string quartet)22'1995Please inquire
Tarantino, ToddTwo Brecht Songsfrom ‘The Private Life of the Master Race’ Berthold Brecht trs. Eric Bentleyhigh voice, piano6'1994Please inquire
Fang ManLullabymezzo-soprano, cello, piano9'2016Learn morePurchase
Fang ManRaspberry PinkSusan Yankowitzsoprano, bass-baritone, piano, actressc.7'2013Learn morePurchase
Vali, RezaEarthsoprano, bass-baritone, ensemble, live dancec.45'2010-12Learn morePurchase 
Vali, RezaFolk Songs Set No.8soprano or mezzo-soprano solo-fl(=picc).cl(=bcl)-perc(1)'1989Learn morePurchase 
Vali, RezaFolk Songs Set No.12Amezzo-soprano or soprano solo, string quartet, piano12'1996Learn morePurchase 
Vali, RezaFour Persian Folk Songs: Set No.1soprano or mezzo-soprano, piano12'1979Learn morePurchase 
Vali, RezaNine Persian Folk Songs: Set No.2soprano and piano12'1981Learn morePurchase 
Rosenblum, MathewWe Lived Happily During the WarIlya Kaminsky, emily Dickinson, Yiddish Folk Song, and otherssoprano, 6 percussionists20'2021Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaLet Us Remember SpringCharlotte Mewsoprano and piano5'2021Please inquirePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaThree Arias from Women of Valor (Leah/Rachel/Ruth)Rivka Miriam (trans. Linda Zisquit), Roza yakubovitsh (trans. Kathryn Hellerstein), Marge Piercymezzo soprano, piano15'2000Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaWomen of Valor (PV)Rivka Miriam (trans. Linda Zisquit), Roza yakubovitsh (trans. Kathryn Hellerstein), Marge Piercysoprano, mezzo-soprano (1 or 2), narrator, piano69'2000Learn morePurchase
Cohen, GeraldAdonai Ro'i Lo Echsar (Psalm 23) in D minorPsalm 23solo voice, piano3'1992Learn morePurchase
Cohen, GeraldAdonai Ro'i Lo Echsar (Psalm 23) in B minorPsalm 23solo voice, piano3'1992Learn morePurchase
Cohen, Gerald"Dayeinu!" from V'Higad'ta L'vinchaPassover Haggadahsoprano, piano3'1996Please inquirePurchase
Cohen, Gerald"Dayeinu!" from V'Higad'ta L'vinchaPassover Haggadahsoprano, mezzo-soprano, piano3'1996Please inquirePurchase
Cohen, GeraldAmid the Alien Corn (Ruth and Naomi)E. Louise Beachsoprano, mezzo-soprano, piano12'2019Learn morePurchase
Cohen, GeraldGrandparentsMark Kaminskymedium voice, piano17'1994Please inquirePurchase
Cohen, GeraldLo Vashamayim Hi (It is not in the heavens)Deuteronomy 30:12-14solo voice, piano5'2021Learn more
Cohen, GeraldOseh ShalomLiturgy, with additions by Gerald Cohensolo voice, piano4'30"2020Please inquirePurchase
Cohen, GeraldThe DogwoodsLinda Pastansoprano, piano13'2001Please inquirePurchase
Ligeti, LukasLa parole seuleFrancois Emmanuelc.30'2020Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewThe Big Rip (A Science Fiction Cantata)Paul Celan, Don Goldsmith, Stephen Baxter, Isaiah capter 51 verse 6, and an internet chat room conversation about the 2009 global economic situation.20'2009Learn more
Woolf, Luna PearlBallad of a Hair ModelAndrea Stolowitzmezzo-soprano, piano5'2019Please inquire
Woolf, Luna PearlClimbing the SeaHammaad Chaudrysoprano, piano5'2019Please inquire
Woolf, Luna PearlRumi: Quatrains of LoveRumi (trans. Coleman Barks)soprano, cello and piano12'2012Learn more
Woolf, Luna PearlTraum durch die Dämmerungsoprano, piano4'2017Please inquire
Primiani, LeannaThree Rap Songsvarioussoprano, piano10'2007Learn morePurchase
Dong, KuiCalifornia ShorelineKui Dongsoprano (boy soprano), string quartet, harp4'2016Please inquirePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaL is for LaughterJane Fostersoprano, flute, cello, piano5'2005Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaRock HillManfred Fischbeck : Rock Hillsoprano, piano5'2021Learn moreLearn more
Clearfield, AndreaHere I Am: I Am Here2 vocal, 2 narrators, SATB chorus, string quartet and piano27'2020Learn morePurchase score
Kim, TexuChopsalteokmale voice, SATB a cappella4'2012Learn morePurchase
Netzer, OsnatI won’t be outrun by a cavalry of snailsOsnat Netzertwo sopranos, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola and cello11'30"2021Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaSmily Thy ShoresIsaac McLellanSATB vocal octet, cello6min 3sec2023More infoPurchase