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NameTitle of WorkInstrumentationDurationYearLinkPurchase
Clearfield, AndreaHa-Galgalhorn6'2019Please inquirePurchase
Cresswell, ChrisThree Studies for Baritone Saxophone and Electronicsbaritone saxophone, electronics17'2011Learn more
Cresswell, Chriswe study our past to move forwardbass clarinet, 2 channel fixed media5'30"2016Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisTwo Preludes (For Holly)piano5'2015Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisThree Nocturnespiano10'2011Learn more
Gilbertson, MichaelThree Preludespiano9'Please inquire
Kander, SusanBagatellespiano12'2018Learn more
Knehans, DouglasRed Silk, Black Waterviola, fixed-format electronics10'30"2017Learn more
Ligeti, LukasThinking Songsmarimba28'2005-2015Learn morePurchase
Ligeti, LukasChampaign in Urbanapiano3'2006Learn morePurchase
Ligeti, LukasDelta Spacepiano16'2002Learn more
Ligeti, LukasTrinitypiano3'2003Learn morePurchase
Oteri, Frank J.Spurlalto saxophone or B-flat clarinetc.3'2009/2013Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Setting the World At Five and Sevenclavichord or pianoc.4'2008Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Guitar Palindromeguitar10-11'2003Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.depending on what the meaning of is isharpsichord15' (total)2002-2007Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Forgive Me, Fryderykpianoc.5'1984Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Last Minute Tangopiano1'1986/2000Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Palindronepiano10-11'1984Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Take Mepianoc.101996Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Oasisretuned electronic keyboard, four handsc.11'1989/2014Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Manipulaçãosolo nylon-string guitar2'2004Learn morePurchase 
Oteri, Frank J.Childish Mindgamestoy piano with digital delay6'1986/2005Learn more
Stafylakis, Haralabos [Harry]Suite for Solo CelloCello15'2009Learn more
Stafylakis, Haralabos [Harry]HyperionGuitar8'2010Please inquire
Stafylakis, Haralabos [Harry]In MemoryHarpsichord or Piano6'2011/2017Please inquire
Stafylakis, Haralabos [Harry]Piano Études, Book IPiano7'2018Please inquire
Stafylakis, Haralabos [Harry]Piano Études, Book IIPiano6'2018Please inquire
Tobenski, DennisGrowlpiano5'2011Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaWidening Circlespiano5'2018Learn more
Netzer, OsnatOlive Cottoncello10'2009Learn more Purchase
Netzer, OsnatImprovisations for Solo Marimbamarimba12'2008Learn more Purchase
Netzer, OsnatOsnatapiano18'30"2001Learn more Purchase
Netzer, OsnatExpectations for Solo Clarinetclarinet5'2000Learn more Purchase
Calianno, VincentChain Black Cadillacpianoforte15'2004Learn more Purchase
Levaillant, DenisPrélude 2018pianoc.4'2017Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisPortrait de György Cziffrapianoc.4'2013Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisGlassy Feelingspiano10'2011Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisImages-Etudes, Livre 1piano2006/2008Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisImages-Etudes, Livre 2piano2011/2012Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisEtudes Africainespiano15'1990Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisChants d'amour profanespiano18'1991Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisFiguresalto saxophone4'1989Learn more Purchase
Levaillant, DenisUn Mystérieux Cheminviola15'2019Learn more
Lias, StephenWhite Waterpiano4'2005Learn more Purchase
Lias, StephenFive Characters from David Copperfieldalto saxophone15'2003Learn more Purchase
Lias, StephenHall of the White Giantmarimba12'2012Learn more Purchase
Lias, StephenFlight of Fancyflute6'2014Learn more Purchase
Rosenblum, MathewNorthern Flickerpercussion8'2012Learn more
Dong, KuiEarth, Water, Wood, Metal And Firepianoc.20'2000-2001Please inquirePurchase
Primiani, LeannaVariationspiano9'2004Learn more Purchase
Ligeti, LukasConceivably Infinitedrum set solo8'2015Learn more
Calianno, VincentThe Robot SakuraToy Piano Solo and Electronics7'2020Learn more
David, JonathanChaconnepiano8'(1997, rev. 2020)Learn more
Rolle, Brandon J.für Klarenzpiano & electronics7'2016Please inquirePurchase
Rolle, Brandon J.Afterwardukulele5'2021Please inquirePurchase
Rolle, Brandon J.Call & Echocello10'2021Please inquirePurchase
Rolle, Brandon J.Impulseviola and live electronics9'2021Please inquirePurchase
Fang ManLamentbassoonc. 12'2017Please inquirePurchase
Fang ManThat Raindrops Have Hastened the Falling Flowers Itoy piano, pianoc.2'2016Learn more 
Fang ManAmbush From Ten Sidesguitar(s), electronicsc.11'30"2007Learn more 
Fang ManImages of 7 Flowers ANNETTEorgan17'2006Learn more 
Fang ManFolk Songscelloc.10'30"2001Learn more 
Fang ManSpring Blisssoprano saxophone10'2018Please inquire Purchase 
Fang ManBlue Orchid Flowers on the Flowing Waterharp12'2022Learn more Purchase 
Fang ManA Folktale of the Four Dragons IIflute (with narration)c.16'2013Learn more 
Levaillant, DenisArménian Gypsycelloc.3'2008Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisRussian Songcello2'15"2008Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisHudson Riverclarinetc.2'2007Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisEasy-Uneazybass clarinet8'1995Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisPiano Songs Vol 1 and 2pianoc.36' / c.36'2017Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisPetit préludespiano2010Please inquire
Levaillant, DenisEn pistetrumpet (or bugle or piccolo trumpet) and pianoPlease inquire
Tarantino, ToddAnd the Barley Grew Up Out of Our Grave (after Cornelius Cardew)organ8-10'2020Learn more 
Tarantino, ToddAfter Dowlandpiano5'2013Learn more 
Tarantino, ToddSmoke and Mirrorspiano18-22'2006Learn more Purchase
Tarantino, ToddBoxing Musicoboe7'2003Learn more 
Tarantino, ToddBoxing Musicsoprano saxophone7'2005Learn more 
Tarantino, ToddMeditationorgan6'1999/2005Please inquire
Tarantino, ToddPreludespiano6'1995-97Learn more 
Vali, RezaBlue Johannespiano7'2012Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaBlue Johannesharpsichord7'2012Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaCalligraphy No.5 (Version for solo viola)viola6'2003Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaCalligraphy No.5 (Version for solo violin)violin6'2003Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaDer Eisbergpiano8'1983Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaGesturespiano10'1980Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaGozaar: Calligraphy No.5 for Guitarguitar6'2003Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaKismet: Calligraphy No.7 (Version for solo flute and electronics)flute, pre-recorded multiple flute tracks9'2007Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaKord for Solo Cello: Calligraphy No.9cello5'2008Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaKord for Solo Guitar Calligraphy No.9guitar5'2008Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaReminiscencespiano10'1986Learn more Purchase 
Vali, RezaSong for Solo Fluteflute7'1987Learn more Purchase 
Rosenblum, MathewCascadesviolin8'1980Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewShadow Waltzpiano, sampler (1 player)6'2002Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewWords/Echoespercussion (2 congas, bongos, tambourine), pre-recorded CD5'2005Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewShiny Object Syndromeamplified cymbal12'2019Learn more
Mumford, Jeffreya landscape of interior resonancespiano11'2001Please inquirePurchase
Kim, TexuFlow and Compositionpiano10'2021Learn morePurchase
Oteri, FrankStrumsolo guitar2'2010Please inquirePurchase 
Cohen, GeraldSea of Reedspiano15'2020Learn morePurchase
Primiani, LeannaGreyclarinet, electronics7min 30sec2021Learn more Purchase