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Cresswell, Chrisat the foot of the mountainfull orchestra5'2016Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisThoughts of Carolinastrings7'2015Learn more
Gilbertson, MichaelFool's Goldfull orchestra8'2017Please Inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelGraffiti: Concerto for Chamber Orchestrachamber orchestra20'2018Please Inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelLuckfull orchestra6'2016Please Inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelSinfoniafull orchestra18'2012/2014Please Inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelSplendid Cityfull orchestra10'2011Please Inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelThe Beautiful and the Goodchamber orchestra9'2018Please Inquire
Hemenger, DrewThe Alchemists Ballfull orchestra13'1998/2015Learn more
Hemenger, DrewExultationsfull orchestra9'1995Learn more
Hemenger, DrewMarifé Suitefull orchestra24'2015Learn more
Kander, SusanThe Red Dressfull orchestrac. 10'2016Learn more Purchase score
Knehans, DouglasUnfinished Earthfull orchestra53'2018Learn more
Levaillant, DenisLe Livre de Transformationfull orchestra30'2017Please Inquire
Levaillant, DenisPaysage de Contefull orchestra14'30"1997Learn more
Levaillant, DenisUn Matinfull orchestra13'2018Learn more
Lias, StephenAll the Songs That Nature Singfull orchestra14'2017Learn more Rent
Lias, StephenCrown of the Continentfull orchestra5'2015Learn more Rent
Lias, StephenDenalistrings9'2011Learn more Purchase score
Lias, StephenGates of the Arcticfull orchestra15'2014Learn more Rent
Lias, StephenGlacier Bayfull orchestra14'2013Learn more
Ligeti, LukasThe Chinese Wallfull orchestra12'1988Please Inquire
Ramin, RonGolden State of Mindfull orchestra16'2014/2017Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Optima Vota: Overture-Fantasiafull orchestra9'2012Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Dreams of the Old Believersfull orchestra10'2014Learn more
Sparr, D. J.St. John's on Church Hillfull orchestra4'2010Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Superstrings Serenadestrings, harp, percussion8'2011Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryBrittle Fracturefull orchestra7'2013Learn more Purchase score
Stafylakis, HarryBrittle Fracturechamber orchestra7'2013Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryHolocene Extinctionfull orchestra17'2017Learn more
Stafylakis, HarrySun Exhaling Lightfull orchestra11'2017Please Inquire
Stafylakis, HarryNever the Same Riverfull orchestra11'2016Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryAshes to Light the Skystrings15'2016Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryAtlasfull orchestra4'2018Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryArc of Horizonfull orchestra18'2015Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryArc of Horizonchamber orchestra18'2015Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryShadows Radiantfull orchestra2'2016Learn more
Sussman, RichardConvergence Bfull orchestra9'2013Please Inquire
Tobenski, DennisGrowlfull orchestra5'2012Learn more
Udow, MichaelAbyss of Timefull orchestra25'2015Learn more
Udow, MichaelBayou Reflectionsfull orchestra12'2014Learn more
Udow, MichaelFlashbacksfull orchestra15'2015Learn more
Udow, MichaelFragile Landsfull orchestra10'2016Learn more
Udow, MichaelMountain Mythsfull orchestra6'2018Please Inquire
Udow, MichaelStepping Stonesfull orchestra8'2015Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewSharpshooterfull orchestra8'2012Learn more
Sussman, RichardDialogue for Jazz Band and Orchestrafull orchestra9'2006, rev. 2012Please Inquire
Kim, TexuSpin-Flipfull orchestra8'2014Learn more
Kim, TexuBlow, Fly, Pop!!full orchestra8'2016Learn morePurchase score
Kim, TexuDub-Sanjofull orchestra8'2017Learn morePurchase score
Udow, MichaelThe Shattered Mirror Suitefull orchestra17'2014Learn more
Calianno, VincentThe Facts and Dreams of the World According to Michael Jacksonfull orchestra12'2014Learn more
Netzer, OsnatCommon Groundfull orchestra8'30"2007Learn more Purchase
Netzer, OsnatVarium Caelistrings2'2019Learn more Purchase
Netzer, OsnatTansofull orchestra9'30"2004, rev. 2006Learn more Purchase
Primiani, Leanna1001full orchestra and pre-recorded electronics9'2019Learn more Purchase
Primiani, LeannaChaconnefull orchestra10'2005Learn more
Primiani, LeannaSearching for Mfull orchestra7'2002Learn more
Primiani, LeannaShadowbanksfull orchestra15'2016Learn more
Primiani, LeannaSirensfull orchestra10'2009Learn more
Cohen, GeraldAdonai Ro’i Lo Echsar (Psalm 23)full orchestra3'1999Learn more
Cohen, GeraldElegy for String Orchestrastrings8'1994Learn more
Cohen, GeraldO you who linger in the gardens…full orchestra10'1997Learn more
Cohen, GeraldPlaying for our livesfull orchestra23'2015Learn more
Lias, StephenThe Knobstone Trialfull orchestra/youth ochestra9'2009Learn more Purchase score
Sparr, D. J.The Fire and the Waterfull orchestrac.5'2019Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryAtlasfull orchestra4'2018Learn more
Ligeti, LukasThe Chinese Wallfull orchestra12'1992Please Inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelMother Chordsstrings10'2019Please Inquire
Levaillant, DenisL'Eveilstrings9'2012Please Inquire
Primiani, LeannaShadowbankschamber orchestra18'2011Learn more
Udow, MichaelEchoes of the Pastfull orchestra (with film)18'Please inquire
Primiani, LeannaGaudete for Orchestrafull orchestra7'2020Learn more
Stafylakis, HarrySilver Threadsfull orchestra4'2019Please Inquire
Stafylakis, HarrySomething Wickedfull orchestra3'2018Please Inquire
Stafylakis, HarryBecome Legendfull orchestra4'2017Please Inquire
Stafylakis, HarryThree Métis Songsfull orchestra4'2016Please Inquire
Oteri, Frank J.Already Yesterday or Still Tomorrowfull orchestra10'30"2020Learn morePurchase score