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Adams, H. LeslieBlake
Opera in four acts with chorus
H. Leslie AdamsLearn more
Beck, Jeremy HowardThe Long Walk
Opera Without Chorus
Stephanie Fleischmann15022015Learn more
Beeson, JackCaptain Jinks of the Horse Marines
A romantic comedy of music in three acts
Sheldon Harnick after the play by Clyde Fitch12031975Learn more
Beeson, JackCyrano
Heroic comedy in music
Sheldon Harnick based on the play by Edmond Rostand14031990Learn more
Beeson, JackDr. Heidegger and the Fountain of Youth
Chamber Opera
Sheldon Harnick after a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne4211978Learn more
Beeson, JackHello Out There
A chamber opera in one act
adapted by the composer from the play by William Saroyan4011953Learn more
Beeson, JackJonah
Opera in three acts (or two acts)
adapted by the composer from the play by Paul Goodman1152 or 31948-50Learn more
Beeson, JackLizzie Borden
Opera with Children's Chorus
Kenward Elmslie after a scenario by Richard Plant12031965Learn more
Beeson, JackLizzie Borden
Chamber Version in Seven Scenes Realized by Charles Tolliver (orchestration), in collaboration with John Conklin (dramaturgy)
Kenward Elmslie after a scenario by Richard Plant901arr. 2013Learn more
Beeson, JackMy Heart's in the Highland
Chamber opera in 2 acts
adapted by the composer from the play by William Saroyan10021969Learn more
Beeson, JackPractice in the Art of Elocution
Operina for soprano and piano
adapted by the composer from the writings of Françoise Delsarte and Frances P Hoyle-Pogle, and from the poems of Rupert Brooke, Longfellow and an anonymous parodist, and JW Riley3011998Learn more
Beeson, JackSorry, Wrong Number
A conversational chamber opera in one act
adapted by the composer from the play by Lucille Fletcher4011996Learn more
Beeson, JackThe Sweet Bye and Bye
Opera with Chorus
Kenward Elmslie10521956Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaMILA: Great Sorcerer
Opera With Chorus
Jean Claude van Itallie, Lois Walden18022018Learn more
Cohen, GeraldSteal a Pencil for Me
Opera in two acts
Deborah Brevoort12022017Learn more
Gilbertson, MichaelBreaking
Chamber Opera, Opera Without Chorus
Caroline McGraw2012013Learn more
Kander, Susandwb (driving while black)
Roberta Gumbel4012018Learn more
Kander, SusanThe Giver
Young People's Opera
Based on the novel by Lois Lowry9012012Learn more
Kander, SusanThe News from Poems
Opera with Chorus
Susan Kander, after writings by William Carlos Williams6012015Learn more
Knehans, DouglasBackwards from Winter
Monodrama for Soprano, Electric Cello, Computer Sound and Video
Juanita Rockwell6012011/2013Learn more
Levaillant, DenisO.P.A. Mia (My Tender Bid)
Chamber Opera, Opera Without Chorus
Denis Levaillant8411987-1989Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.MACHUNAS
Chamber Opera
Co-writer: Lucio Pozzi15041998-2003Learn more
Woolf, Luna PearlAngel Heart
a music storybook
Story by Cornelia Funke2512011Learn more
Woolf, Luna PearlBetter GodsCaitlin Vincent6012015Learn morePurchase P/V score
Woolf, Luna PearlJacqueline
Chamber Opera
Royce Vavrek90122019Learn more
Woolf, Luna PearlThe PillarDavid Van Taylor1202In Dev 2019Learn morePurchase score
Netzer, OsnatThe Wondrous Woman Within
Opera Without Chorus
Adapted from a play by Hanoch Levin100'22008-2011Learn more
Netzer, OsnatThe Wondrous Woman Within
Chamber Opera
Adapted from a play by Hanoch Levin100'22008-2010Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewRedDust, a Multi-Media Chamber Operaadapted by the composer90'2007Learn more
Dong, KuiHutongLibretto by Monica Datta and Paul Schick. Story by Monica Datta.In processLearn more
Calianno, Vincent[escala.]300'2002Learn more
Calianno, VincentAdvent Days1445'1999Learn more
Calianno, VincentBeckettVincent Calianno (English)60'12004Learn more
Calianno, VincentL'Astronome [Act 1: Apeiron]2021Learn more