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chamber (9 or under)

NameTitle of WorkInstrumentationDurationYearLinkPurchase
Beck, BunnyFantasy for Brassbrass quintetc.6'arr. 2019Learn more
Beck, BunnyFantasy for Saxophonessaxophone quartetc.6'2017Learn more
Beck, BunnySuite for Sarrostring trio7'2017Learn more
Beck, Jeremy HowardAnything You Are Attached to, Give Thatbass trombone, piano8'2016Learn more
Beck, Jeremy HowardAwakeningtrombone quartet11'2009Learn more
Beck, Jeremy HowardHuman Kindness is Overflowingclarinet, electric guitar, piano, percussion, cello, double bass7'2010Learn more
Beck, Jeremy HowardIn Waittrombone quartet10'2013Learn more
Beck, Jeremy HowardRoarbrass quintet4'2013Learn more
Beck, Jeremy HowardThere's More of Everythingfl/'2018Please inquire
Beck, Jeremy HowardTschüsssix electric guitars and 2 electric basses10'2011Learn more
Beck, Jeremy HowardYou Are Alivejazz trumpet, 2 trombones, tuba, percussion6'2009Please inquire
Cresswell, Chrisa still life in blue-greenpiccolo,bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano2'30"2015Learn more
Cresswell, Chrisall that's left is dirt and skyamplified trumpet, amplified soprano, pre-recorded electronics15'2019Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisFabric of a World Unfoldingflute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 2 channel fixed media10'2012Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisImpressionsclarinet, piano8'2014Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisThe Kisstenor, string quartet13'2011Learn more
Cresswell, Christhe memory evokes, forget what timebassoon, pianoc.5'2014Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisThe Ruby Sunrisestring quartet10'2009Learn more
Clearfield, Andrea...and low to the lake falls homeflute, viola, harp20'2009Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaA Dream of Treesviolin and bass15'2016Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaA Reminiscence Singsoprano, oboe, string quintet7'2009Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaA Reminiscence Singsoprano, clarinet, piano7'2009Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaA Reminiscence Singsoprano, flute, piano7'2009Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaAvalokiteshvara (Compassion)flute, percussion, string quartetc.4'2012, arr. 2016Please inquire
Clearfield, AndreaConvergenceviola and piano11'2008Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaDaughter of the Seaoboe and English horn20'2014Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaEarth Door/Sky Doorflute, piano, percussion, and string quintetc.16'2018Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaHVATItuba and piano11'2016Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaInto the Falcon's Eye2 horns and piano11'2003Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaInto the Falcon's Eyeclarinet, horn, piano11'2003Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaInto the Falcon's Eyeclarinet, cello, piano11'2003Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaInto the Falcon's Eye2 cellos and piano11'2003Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaLove is a Placeflute and piano6'2016Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaLove Songsoprano, flute, pianoc.4'30"1995Learn more
Clearfield, field recording25'2009Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaRiver Meloslow horn and pianoc.9'30"2014Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaRiver Melostrombone and pianoc.9'30"2016Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaRound for Three Musessolo percussion, percussion ensemble, electronics19'2017Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaSAX TRAXsaxophone quartetC.5'1997Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaThe Rim of Lovesoprano, harp, percussion, string quartet20'2005Please inquire
Clearfield, AndreaThis Arc Towards Justicesoprano, alto saxophone, piano12'2014Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaThree Songs for Oboe and Double Bass after the Poems of Nerudaoboe and double bass7'1997Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaThree Songs for Violin and Double Bass after the Poems of Nerudaviolin and double bass7'1997Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaTime Cyclesoprano and clarinet15'2000Please inquire
Clearfield, AndreaTRAXmarimba quartetc.6'30"2000Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaUnremembered Wingssoprano saxophone and piano11'arr. 2001Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaUnremembered Wingsoboe and piano11'2001Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaAfterBachflute duo4'2014Please inquire
Clearfield, AndreaCompass Kaleidoscopewoodwind quintet18'2015Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaRhapsodieflute, harp, and string trio17'2008Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaSagittaflute and guitarc.10'2016Learn more
Clearfield, AndreaSongs of the Wolfhorn and piano14'1994Learn morePurchase
Clearfield, AndreaSpirit Islandflute, cello, piano16'1996Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisFrom Dreams, We Emergebass flute, clarinet, violin, cello, electric guitar, piano, 2 channel fixed media9'2015Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisI Find I Have Less to Sayviolin, alto saxophone, electric guitar, double bass, piano, percussion9'2017Learn more
Cresswell, ChrisThe Lost Art of Losing Sleepflute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, electric guitar, 2 channel fixed media9'30"2017Learn more
David, JonathanSt. John's Dancesaxophone and piano9'2015Learn more
Gilbertson, MichaelBreath and Shadowclarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin, bass6'2010Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelCollective Wisdomstring quintet16'2014Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelFold by Foldviolin, cello, piano6'2009Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelKinds of Lightreed quintet9'2018Please inquirePurchase
Gilbertson, MichaelLow-Hanging Fruitclarinet, violin, cello, piano6'2015Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelMany Voicesoboe, piano5'2010Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelMigration TidesPierrot Ensemble7'2009Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelQuartetstring quartet15'2017Please inquirePurchase
Gilbertson, MichaelSonataflute, piano13'2008Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelWeaveclarinet, violin, cello, piano10'2013Please inquire
Hemenger, DrewFour Movements for String Quartetstring quartet20'2005Learn morePurchase
Hemenger, DrewSharks!violin and piano8'2006Learn morePurchase
Hemenger, DrewThree Inner Moments (String Quartet No.2)string quartet18'2008Learn morePurchase
Hemenger, DrewWhich Way Homesoprano, clarinet(bass clarinet), violin, viola, cello, piano13'2009Learn more
Kander, SusanAnd Then Notclarinet, percussion11'2016Learn morePurchase
Kander, SusanDuo in Memory of the Littlest Refugees Who Never Reach a Place of Safetyviolin, cello9'2017Learn more
Kander, SusanEavesdroppingsoprano, violin, percussion15'2008Learn more
Kander, SusanEtude for Two People and One Thingclarinet, Tibetan prayer stones, computer7'2017Learn morePurchase
Kander, SusanHermestänzeviolin, piano30'2014Learn morePurchase
Kander, SusanMuseum Piecesbassoon, string quartet19'2001Learn morePurchase
Kander, SusanOnce. Upon. A Timepercussion sextet9'2017Learn morePurchase
Kander, SusanPas de Deux for Clarinet, Cello and Chimesclarinet, cello, chimes12'2008Learn morePurchase
Kander, SusanPostcards from Americaoboe, piano18'2009Learn morePurchase
Kander, SusanThe Donkey, the Goat, and the Little Dogstring quartet, narrator25'2007Learn morePurchase
Khehans, DouglasLumencello, piano27'2013Learn more
Khehans, DouglasMist Wavesviolin, piano7'2019Learn more
Khehans, DouglasRiveclarinet, violin, piano12'2002Learn more
Khehans, DouglasShimmerwind quintet7'2012Learn more
Levaillant, DenisAttractionssaxophone quartet8'30"1996Learn more
Levaillant, DenisCaracteresclarinet and saxophone12'2014Learn more
Levaillant, DenisFantaisiesbassoon, piano12'2012Learn more
Levaillant, DenisJoyfull Nightalto saxophone, tenor saxophone, piano, celestac.7'2011Learn more
Levaillant, DenisL'Andalouse, Livre 1accordion, string quartetc.8'30"2013Learn more
Levaillant, DenisL'Andalouse, Livre 2accordion, string quartetc.14'30"2013Learn more
Levaillant, DenisL'Aspiration du bonheurbass clarinet, string quartetc.7'2014Learn more
Levaillant, DenisLe clair, l'obscur (String quartet no.2)string quartet24'1996-97Learn more
Levaillant, DenisLe Fakirsoprano saxophone, pianoc.12'20`12Learn more
Levaillant, DenisLes heures défaites (String quartet no.1)string quartet17'1987Learn more
Levaillant, DenisLes Musiciens de Brêmenarrator, saxophone(s), clarinet(s), trumpet, trombone, accordion, double bass, percussion45'2015Learn more
Levaillant, DenisManhattan Rhapsodytenor saxophone, piano12'2003Learn more
Levaillant, DenisMusic is the Filmoboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon17'2011Learn more
Levaillant, DenisVoyage tsigane (String quartet no.3)string quartet18'2004Learn more
Lias, Stephen...into the bluestring quartet20'2016Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenEbullencefive trumpets5'2003Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenElectric Blue Sandstring quintet4'2018Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenForever Alive, Forever Forwardflute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion6'2016Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenGlidewoodwind quintet and alto saxophone6'2007Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenImaginary Folksongsalto saxophone and piano15'2011Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenJeffrey Pineflute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion6'2016Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenLechuguillaflute and clarinet5'1995Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenParticle Acceleratorflute, clarinet, cello12'2019Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenRange of Lightalto saxophone and piano25'2014Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenRestlesssaxophone quartet4'2001Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenRiver Runnertrombone and piano12'2009Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenScallywagsaxophone quartet5'2015Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenThe Ghosts of Mesa Verdeflute duo8'2013Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenThe Questflute(s), clarinet(s), piano, percussion, 2 violins, viola, cello9'2017Learn morePurchase
Lias, StephenTimberline Sonatatrumpet and piano20'2011Learn morePurchase
Ligeti, Lukaslanguage:PROUN:musicsoprano, violin, cello, trombone, marimba10'2016Learn more
Ligeti, LukasConversations with I. S.flute, percussion, violin, cello8'2012Learn more
Ligeti, LukasDambangomaflute and percussion8'1997Learn more
Ligeti, LukasExcerpts from Timeviolin and piano8'1988Learn more
Ligeti, LukasFrozen State of Songsaxophone quartet16'1990/1993Learn more
Ligeti, LukasGlamour Girlclarinet/bass cl, e guitar, percussion, piano, cello, double bass12'2007Learn more
Ligeti, LukasIndependencepercussion quartet17'2002Please inquire
Ligeti, LukasIrving Webern, Anton Finethree pianos3'2014Learn more
Ligeti, LukasLakoni in Kazonndetwo drum sets7'2013Learn more
Ligeti, LukasMoving Housesstring quartet16'1996/2003Learn more
Ligeti, LukasOblique Narrativestwo pianos17'1980/1990Learn more
Ligeti, LukasPassacaglia con Variazioniflute, cello, piano4'2016Learn more
Ligeti, LukasPattern Transformationtwo marimbas6'1988Learn more
Ligeti, LukasRecalless Sponsevocalist and small ensemble9'2015Learn more
Ligeti, LukasStroboscopepercussion quartet13'2003Please inquire
Ligeti, LukasTangledtrumpet, percussion16'2006/2008Learn more
Ligeti, LukasThe Calm Beforethree percussions4'2015Please inquire
Oteri, Frank J.As Long as Forever Ismezzo-soprano, tenor, two alto recorders, crumhorn, viola da gamba, handbells17'2003Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Brinson's Racestring quartet and trumpet25'2001Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.circles mostly in woodwind quintet20'2002Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Duallysaxophone and guitar6'1979/2017Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Fair & Balanced?saxophone quartetc.7'2004Learn morePurchase
Oteri, Frank J.Imagined Overturesrock band15'2005Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Memories Now I Can't Recallviolin, cello, piano4'2014Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Setting the World At Five and Sevenviolin, celloc.4'2919Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.Six of One, Half a Dozen of Anotherharpsichord duo6'2003Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.The Impatient Explorercountertenor, B-flat clarinet, trombone, theremin, kalimba, banjo16'1997Learn more
Oteri, Frank J.The Other Side of the Windowmedium voice, two antiphonal flutes, toy piano, guitar, cello25'1995Learn more
Porra, LauriAdventurerwind quintet13'2019Please inquire
Porra, LauriThe Gauntletstring quartet6'2019Please inquire
Rosenblum, MathewFallingsoprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano, and pre-recorded audio25'2013Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewGymnopédies Nos. 3-7/Kiki Wearing Tashaflute, clarinet, violin, cello12'2017Learn more
Sparr, D. J.DACCA: DECCA: GafFAflute, oboe, clarinet, 2 percussion, steel string guitar, 12 string guitar, violin, viola, cello10'2008Learn more
Sparr, D. J.I Can Hear Her Through the Thin Wall Singingsoprano, electric guitarc.16'30"2017Please inquire
Sparr, D. J.Lost in the Old South Towerpiano trio10'2014Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Carnal Nodesoprano, flute clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello11'2000Learn more
Sparr, D. J.META444violin, piano, electronics8'2017Please inquire
Sparr, D. J.Percussion Quartet: Compass Chromepercussion quartetc.9'2012Learn more
Sparr, D. J.River Seine's Open Airflute, viola, harp-2012Learn more
Sparr, D. J.River Seine's Open Airflute, bassoon, piano-2012Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Silver Strettosflute, piano7'2010Please inquire
Sparr, D. J.Sound Harmonies With Airflute, clariniet, piano, percussion, electric guitar, violin, cello, electronics.9'2011Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Sound Harmonies With Airflute, clarinet, tenor sax, piano, percussion, electric guitar, electronics.9'2009Learn more
Sparr, D. J.String Quartet: Avalochstring quartet14'30"2015Please inquire
Sparr, D. J.Superstring Serenadestring quintet (2 violins, viola, cello, bass)6'30"2011Learn more
Sparr, D. J.The Glam Seductionflute/piccolo, bass clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello15'2004Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Vim-Hocket, Calmviolin, electric guitarc.7'1996-1997Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Vim-Hocket, Calmsopranino recorder, flute, trumpet, soprano, pianoc.7'1996-1997Learn more
Sparr, D. J.Woodlawn Driveflute/piccolo, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, celloc.10'1999Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryCalibrating Frictionflute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, and drum set10'2016Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryCritical Densityguitar, string quartet25'2019Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryFlows Obsidianflute (a.fl., picc.), clarinet (, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, piano, percussion (drum set)11'2018Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryFocusguitar duet10'2019Please inquire
Stafylakis, HarryGnothi Seauton [Know Thyself]piano trio (violin, cello, piano)16'2019Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryHorn of Valerehorn, piano8'2011Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryIn Memoryflute, oboe / English horn, violin, cello, and two guitars6'2011Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryKritikos Horosflute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion13'2010Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryNever the Same Riverbassoon, two violins, cello, and piano8'2013Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryOf Beauty / Of Brutality8-­string electric guitar, flute, clarinet, horn, bass trombone, violin, contrabass, piano, and drum set13"2015Please inquire
Stafylakis, HarryScars & Braidsflute, violin, cello, and percussion13'2014Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryScent of Decayguitar, piano8'2008Please inquire
Stafylakis, HarrySkyRisebrass quintet4'2016Please inquirePurchase
Stafylakis, HarryString Quartet No. 2, "In Flames"string quartet11'2012Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryString Quartet No. 3, "Emergence"string quartet16'2015Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryString Quartet No. 4, "Aftermath"string quartet19'2018Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryThe Metal and the Flowertenor, accordion, and piano6'2012Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryThe Sharp Endsaxophone quartet11'2009Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryTogether We Growbaroque violin, bass clarinet, piano, double bass, and drum set10'2016Please inquire
Stafylakis, HarryUnrelentflute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion11'2017Learn morePurchase
Stafylakis, HarryWaves Obsidianguitar quartet or ensemble6'2008Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryWinter Stillviolin, piano4'2013Please inquire
Sussman, RichardAll Will Be Revealedpiano quintetc.8'2010Please inquire
Sussman, RichardCicada Love Dancestring quartet, piano, fixed media electronicsc.5'2014Please inquire
Sussman, RichardTrio for Violin, Piano, and laptoppiano, violin, fixed media electronicsc.8'2015Please inquire
Tobenski, DennisAnd He'll Be Minetenor, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello18'2005, arr. 2011Please inquire
Tobenski, DennisCall Me By Your Nameoboe, piano7'30"2015Learn more
Tobenski, DennisChorale Trio (Prayer to Prospero)trumpet, viola, cello2'30"2009Learn more
Tobenski, DennisFanfare for the Little Green Manviolin duo1'2009Learn more
Tobenski, DennisLetter from a Young Poetcello, piano7'2008Learn more
Tobenski, DennisOnly Airsoprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello18'2014Learn more
Tobenski, DennisSongs of Love & MadnessPierrot Ensemble26'2006Learn more
Tobenski, DennisStarfish at Pescaderosoprano, viola, harp, percussion16'2007Learn more
Tobenski, DennisString Quartet No.1string quartet18'2005Learn more
Tobenski, DennisSuch Gentle Raptureclarinet, piano7'30"2015Learn more
Tobenski, DennisWithout a Philosophysoprano, violin, harp12'2013Learn more
Woolf, Luna PearlAngel Heart, a music storybookNarrator, five cellos25' (one act)2011Learn more
Cohen, GeraldVoyagersclarinet, string quartet30'2017Learn morePurchase
Cohen, GeraldSea of Reedstwo clarinets, piano15'2009Learn more
Cohen, GeraldAria and Scherzoviolin and viola12'1994Learn more
Cohen, GeraldGrneta Variationstwo clarinets and piano14'2010Learn more
Cohen, GeraldKaddishsolo voice, clarinet, and piano5'2004Please inquire
Cohen, GeraldPlaying for our livesstring quartet23'2012Learn more
Cohen, GeraldPreludes and Debkaclarinet and string quartet14'2009Learn more
Cohen, GeraldPreludes and Debkatrombone and string quartet14'2001Learn more
Cohen, GeraldQuintet for Brassbrass quintet16'1995Learn more
Cohen, GeraldSea of Reedsclarinet, viola, and piano15'2001Learn more
Cohen, GeraldSea of Reedsvoice, violin, cello, and piano15'2013Learn more
Cohen, GeraldSongs of Tagorechamber ensemble22'1995Learn more
Cohen, GeraldString Quartet No. 2string quartet25'1991Learn more
Cohen, GeraldThree Hebrew Songsviolin and piano12'2010Learn more
Cohen, GeraldTrio for viola, cello and pianoviola, cello, piano20'1999Learn more
Cohen, GeraldTrio for violin, cello and pianoviolin, cello, piano16'1988Learn more
Cohen, GeraldVariously Blue: Trioclarinet, violin and piano14'2009Learn more
Cohen, GeraldYedid Nefesh: Trioclarinet, viola and piano26'2007Learn more
Chase, RyanGold Rushfive violins10'2011Learn more
Chase, Ryansongs the monsters sangstring quartet30'2018Learn more
Kim, TexuClear Creekstring quartet5'2015Learn more
Kim, TexuShake It!mixed ensemble8'2014Learn more
Kim, TexuTreppab!!saxophone quartet8'2015Learn more
Ligeti, LukasSimultaneous Variationsclarinet quartet / sextet3'2014/2016Learn more
Netzer, OsnatAre you yet living?tenor saxophone, tenor trombone11'2016Learn more Learn more
Netzer, OsnatConsume (amplified)15'2019Learn more
Netzer, OsnatDrone and Stoneflute, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello, piano3'2010Learn more
Netzer, OsnatIn The Research of Timebass clarinet, viola, vibraphone6'2011Learn more
Netzer, OsnatL'Histoire de quatre musiciensflute, percussion, violin, cello12'2015Learn more
Netzer, OsnatMeshulashimbass clarinet, marimba12'2018Learn more
Netzer, OsnatMomentary Pleasurestrombone, harpc.11'2004Learn more
Netzer, OsnatNot Shyviolin, double bass5'2010Learn more
Netzer, OsnatObsessive Folksingflute, cello4'2010Learn more
Netzer, OsnatPang Spindleflute, percussion, violin, cello12'2012Learn more
Netzer, OsnatPillarsalto saxophone, piano6:30'2014Learn more
Netzer, OsnatSchertchalto flute, 2 violins, viola, celloc.5'2014Learn more
Netzer, OsnatSelf Loathingclarinet, viola1'30"2010Learn more
Netzer, OsnatString Quartet no.2: Theme and Variationsstring quartet16'30"2007, rev. 2010Learn more
Netzer, OsnatThey Bury Their Dead With Great Ululationsoboe, bass clarinet, violin, cello11'2018Learn more
Netzer, OsnatUntarnished Lucidityclarinet, marimba7'2011Learn more
Netzer, OsnatWeeding the Mountaintrombone, 3 percussions9'30"2011Learn more
Netzer, OsnatWho's the Madman?alto saxophone/tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone or bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone10'2001, rev. 2018Learn more
Netzer, OsnatZwang Und Zweifeltenor saxophone, drum kit10'2017Learn more
Calianno, VincentTo Boston for SexFlute, Alto Saxophone (doubles Bari), Percussion, Piano, Violin, Violoncello, Contrabass8'1998Learn more
Calianno, VincentTo Boston for Sexpierrot sextet8'1998Learn more
Calianno, VincentBone Chinoiserie and the Alabastard Cowboyoboe, clarinet, violin, viola and contrabassoboe, clarinet, violin, viola and contrabass9'2012Learn more
Calianno, VincentA History of the String Quartet in its Natural Habitatstring quartet and electronics25'2018Learn more
Calianno, VincentWhen I Dream, Some Letters Fall Out of My Mouth to Make a Wordstring trio and electronics11'2013Learn more
Calianno, Vincent(at times my sadness falls intopiano quartet15'2000Learn more
Kim, TexuHomage to Anonymous Ancient Fiddlersviolin duo5'2015Learn more
Kim, TexuPali-Pali!!violin, cello10'2018Learn more
Ligeti, LukasFeline Beelineviolin, bass trombone, piano3'2019Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewTwo Harmoniesviola, percussion, piano/sampler (one player)7'2011Learn more
Rosenblum, MathewMöbius Loopsaxophone quartet18'2001Learn more
Dong, KuiDifferences with Onenessstring quartetca.17'2008-09Please inquire
Dong, KuiMemory/Placeviolin, cello16'30"2016Please inquirePurchase
Dong, KuiA Night at Tanglewoodstring quartet, glasses, music boxca.16'30"2017Please inquire
Dong, KuiScattered Laddertwo marimbas and four percussionistsca.19'2009Please inquire
Dong, KuiShall We Playpiano 4 hands, toy pianos, string quartetca.14'2013Please inquire
Gilbertson, MichaelWhimstring quartetca.4'2020Please inquire
Ligeti, LukasCadence of Joystring quartet6'2020Please inquire
Udow, MichaelHOCUS-POCUSstring quartet18'2015Please inquire
Udow, MichaelApparitionsolo timpani, piano, 2 percussion11'Please inquire
Udow, MichaelBlack Shogun IIsolo percussion, percussion trio (with pre-recorded playback)ca.16'Please inquire
Udow, MichaelBog Musicsolo percussion, percussion trio15'Please inquire
Udow, MichaelConcerto for A Percussionist & Stringssolo percussion, string quartet11'Please inquire
Udow, MichaelCoyote Dreamsmarimba, percussion trio18'1997Please inquire
Udow, MichaelTopsy-Turvypercussion quartet8'2008Please inquire
Clearfield, AndreaL is for Laughtersoprano, flute, cello, piano5'2013Learn more
Udow, MichaelDreams of a Bayou, Long Ago But Not Forgottenflute, percussion18'Please inquire
Kander, SusanA Garden’s Time Piecesoprano, violin13'2011Learn morePurchase
Kim, TexuSonata Amabileviolin, piano23'2020Learn morePurchase
Udow, MichaelSongs from The Shattered Mirrorbaritone, piano21'30"1989Learn more
Kim, TexuFive Short Pieceswind quintet, piano15'2020Learn more
Udow, MichaelSouthern Sunbaritone, piano17'30"1994Learn more
Kim, TexuDusty Booksstring quartet, fixed media12'2019Learn more
Udow, MichaelWhite Dwarfmezzo-soprano, tuba, piano or percussion quartet8'2005Learn more
Ligeti, LukasIndonationsflute, viola, electric guitar, and glockenspiel4'2017Learn more
Udow, MichaelA Wall of Twomezzo-soprano, piano20'2020Please inquire
Primiani, LeannaThree Rap Songssoprano, piano8'2007Learn more
Primiani, LeannaPoem Duganmezzo-soprano, piano10'2005Learn morePurchase
Levaillant, DenisBlue Shadowalto saxophone, cello9'30"2015Learn more
Levaillant, DenisEntrelacsbass clarinet, marimba10'30"2000Learn more
Primiani, LeannaCrystal Cathedralclarinet, piano9'30"2014Learn more
Primiani, LeannaIvory Wavestring quartet, electronics14'2020Learn more
Primiani, LeannaHoly Order: Shaker Dancesoboe, violin, cello, piano6'2012Learn more
Primiani, LeannaThe Black Swanflute, piano7'2012Learn morePurchase
Calianno, VincentadelinaFlute, Oboe, Alto Saxophone (or Contrabass), Percussion, Synth, Piano 2Va, 2Vc12'2002Learn more
Calianno, VincentallManPercussion Quartet8'2008Learn more
Calianno, VincentElyria-O5 Contrabass Saxophones, Soprano Saxophone (doubles Contrabass Sarrussophone (or Baritone Saxophone)), Contrabassoon, Banjo, 2 Pianoforti, Percussion (2 Timpani, Glockenspiel, Triangle, Hi-hat, Suspended Cymbal, Tamtam, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Police whistle), Violoncello20'2000Learn more
Calianno, Vincentshe stood there — sliding into nightVoice, Accordion, Synth, 2 Cellos61'2002Learn more
Calianno, VincentString QuartetString Quartet22'2010Learn more
Calianno, VincentThe Cabinet of Dr. CaligariLow Strings and Silent Film67'2016Learn more
Calianno, VincentvidalitaVoice, Bassoon, Accordion6-10'2003Learn more
Calianno, VincentWIRED* for carmen.ePierrot Sextet8'2002Learn more
Calianno, VincentNotes on The Deliverance MachineCello Trio and Electronics8'2016Learn more
Stafylakis, HarryGnothi Seauton [Know Thyself]Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano16'2019Learn more
Dong, KuiPhasesmodular strings4'30" to 9'2021Please inquirePurchase
Dong, KuiSpringstring quartet6'2006Please inquirePurchase
Chase, RyanStargazerflute, clarinet, violin, viola, ‘cello, piano, percussion8'2012Learn morePurchase